#20BooksofSummer Challenge – Update.

What’s this?

From 3 June until 3 September I will be attempting to read my 10, 15, or 20 Books of Summer. Why not join in with your own 20 (or 10, or 15!)? You can find out all you need to know on Cathy’s Blog it’s easy to join and very relaxed with regard to the ‘rules’.

My original challenge

Last year I read the full 20 books but I think that may be a step too far this time around! So I’m committing to 10 books and hope to manage 15 but will read 20 if things go well!

I’m doing so well I know I’ll read 15 books definitely now and am really hoping to reach 20, we’ll see!

The books

Luckily this challenge is really easy going and changing your list, how many you read in what order is open to change if that’s how things transpire. So you won’t be surprised to hear I have changed a few things. This has happened mainly because I was able to read some of my chosen books more quickly than expected and so could fit in others. I was also invited by a couple of publishers to read books not originally on my list but they came along just at the moments I had a gap.

My original list can be read here however, as this has changed, I thought a quick update on where I am now would be a good idea.

What I have read so far

If I have already written a review then the title will link you to that for all the information. Otherwise I will put a short comment.

1. When She Vanishes by Claire Douglas

2. Bold Lies by Rachel Lynch

3. The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter

4. Murderland by Pamela Murray

5. Burnt Island by Kate Rhodes

6. Death of an Angel by Derek Farrell

7. Ice Cold Heart by P J Tracy – I’ve read this so will be reviewing soon. I was delighted to be invited to read this book – the latest book in the Monkeewrench Series – by the publisher Michael Joseph who provided an eBook via NetGalley.

8. Murder Unearthed by Amanda Waller – I’ve read this and will be reviewing for the BlogTour on 3 July.

9. The Chain by Adrian McKinty – I’ve read this and will review around 9 July.

10. The New Book (untitled) from Dreda Say Mitchell – not yet read. BlogTour 18 July.

11. The Last Stage by Louise Voss – my current read! I will be reviewing for the BlogTour on 24 July.

So I’m on my 10th book with regard to reading and of those have reviewed six. So with not even a month gone I’ve virtually finished my original challenge!

So onward and upwards. I’m trying not to take on any more BlogTours or NetGalley books! I should be able to take the last nine reads from the books I had on my original list. That can sometimes be very difficult as I’m sure many of you will understand and agree. Still I have what look like terrific books and I really do want to put a big dent into that original list.

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I love to read and hope you enjoy reading what I have to say about the books I have read.

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