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The team at iNostalgia have a deal on their non-fiction titles now when you purchase them through the iNostalgia store. 

Three titles for only £25 in their online store. 

Here is a little snippet of each book available. 

Belle Vue: Manchester’s Playground, second edition, tells the story of the North West’s best-loved attraction. Relive the memories of the Speedway Stadium, the delights of the zoo, the circus performances and the music from the King’s Hall, through our stunning and unmissable photographs. Bring Belle Vue back to life!

Around Manchester in the 1950s is a new 160 page paperback book featuring a unique collection of more than 200 unmissable photographs and memories from the Manchester Evening News Archives. Relive the great times of the 50s and share your memories with friends and loved ones.

Around Manchester in the 1960s is a new 160 page paperback book featuring a unique collection of more than 250 unmissable photographs and memories from the Manchester Evening News Archives. Relive the great times of the swinging 60s and share your memories with friends and loved ones.

There are many unmissable images from the Swinging Sixties in Clive Hardy’s brilliant book Around Liverpool and Merseyside in the 1960s.

Around Manchester in the 1970s is a new 160 page paperback book featuring a unique collection of more than 300 unmissable photographs and memories from the Manchester Evening News Archives. Relive the great times of the 1970s and share your memories with friends and loved ones.

The 180+ images, many never published before, come from the fantastic archive of the Newcastle Chronicle and Journal, and the Daily Mirror. The majority capture the life and times of Newcastle during the decade, and there are others showing wider Tyneside. Along with the text, they give a taste of what it was like to live in the region during that unique period.

Fifteen years on from its original publication, The Changing Face of Manchester, Second Edition brings you up-to-date photographs of today’s modern Manchester. Shot as close to the original images as possible by photographer Justin Garner, you are able to see how much Manchester has changed over the decades through these side-by-side images.

Featuring fascinating stories by author Clive Hardy to accompany the stunning images, you can take home this little slice of Manchester history, and in years to come you will be able to look back and remember those days of old with fond memories.

You can purchase all these wonderful books in the iNostalgia store.


The Fathers, The Sons and the Anxious Ghost by Jamie Adams

Book blurb

Three guys in their thirties have something in common. Their children all go to the same school. One day a tragic event leads to them having to deal with a lurking aftermath which draws them into each other’s lives and causes them to rethink their attitudes to just about everything. The children tell the second part of this story, ten years after the initial events. The dust seems to have settled until one of them uncovers information that throws everything back into chaos. The third part… well that will have to wait.

My Thoughts

This is a little gem of a novella. Written from several viewpoints – three Fathers, three Sons and well you’ll never guess!

It’s interesting to read from an almost totally male perspective it gives a different slant on what’s happening.

Anyway, three fathers connected because their sons attend the same school. The school play for their year is taking place. There’s a bit of a kerfuffle between a couple of the lads. However, what transpires after they return home shakes them all and has far-reaching consequences.

10 years later the Sons take on the story. Someone close to them all is only now showing signs of being affected by what happened all those years ago. Why now? What should they do? As the three Sons try to help what really led up to the tragedy comes out. We also learn how far each of the characters have moved on, or not, over the intervening years.

Finally, the last word is left to the only one who could bring a proper conclusion to what happened but any more might give too much away!

I do like to read short stories and novellas because when they are good they leave you feeling that you have read a really pared down and yet fully formed story, you are not left needing more. Although, you may well want more of the same from the author.

With The Fathers, The Sons and the anxious Ghost that is exactly what you get.


My thanks to Austin Macauley Publishers for an eCopy of #TheFathersTheSonsandtheAnxiousGhost by @JamieAdStories and to Emma Welton at #damppebblesblogtours  @damppebbles for the invite to the blog tour.

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Published in paperback and ebook formats on 30th July 2019 by Austin Macauley Publishers


Amazon UK:


Amazon US:




Author: Jamie is a teacher who has studied a geography degree back in the nineties because of his love of nature and the outdoors. He found environmental education especially important and soon became a teacher for the primary-age group. Jamie enjoys reading and watching all kinds of theatre productions, from high dramas to lively musicals. His love of writing shines through in everything he does.

After writing a group of short stories linked to romance, which he published as ‘Short Dates’ independently, he decided to write a novella centred around topical issues such as mental health, parenting and relationships.



Amazon Author Page:

The 2019 Christmas Charity Appeal – Help Me Raise £250 For Battersea Dogs & Cats Home By Leaving Me Links To Your Blogs and Books

What a lovely thing to do this festive season raising funds for Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. Read all about it…

Hugh's Views & News  

The Christmas tree is up, but something is missing. There are no gifts under it, and I need your help to put that right.

For this year’s Christmas charity appeal, I’m asking you to help me raise some money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

Since 1860, Battersea has been there for every dog and cat that finds themselves homeless. From the moment they welcomed their first stray dog, they have been placing animals at the centre of everything they do.

More than three million animals later, they’re still working hard to achieve the vision that every dog and cat should live in a home where they are treated with love, care and respect.

They believe that every dog and cat deserves the best. That’s why Battersea Dogs and Cats home have always helped every dog and cat in need.

Clickhereto visit the Battersea Dogs and Cats…

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Magpie by Sophie Draper

One for sorrow. Two for joy. Three for a secret…

Book blurb

She’s married to him. But does she know him at all?

Claire lives with her family in a beautiful house overlooking the water. But she feels as if she’s married to a stranger – one who is leading a double life. As soon as she can get their son Joe away from him, she’s determined to leave Duncan.

But finding out the truth about Duncan’s secret life leads to consequences Claire never planned for. Now Joe is missing, and she’s struggling to piece together the events of the night that tore them all apart.

Alone in an isolated cottage, hiding from Duncan, Claire tries to unravel the lies they’ve told each other, and themselves. Something happened to her family … But can she face the truth?

My thoughts

Something has happened – we know not what!

Duncan and Claire married young, straight after University. They have a son Joe. He’s a difficult character, Claire thinks he may be on the autism spectrum. Still she loves him, he’s just turned eighteen and obsessed with history, especially old coins, and metal detecting.

We read the story from two points of view – Duncan and Claire; from two times – before and after.

Duncan is a very successful vet, Claire gave up her career to be a mother and wife.

Their marriage has been deteriorating for years, they ‘put a show on’ in public. Claire realises it’s time to go. She has made plans. She wants Joe to go with her and Arthur, their dog. She and Duncan are always arguing it’s no wonder Joe feels the need to go off. He’s gone missing before. Claire is so worried this time. Duncan says he’ll be back, he always comes back.

Then something happens.

This book is very evocative of its setting around Derbyshire which is lovingly drawn by Sophie Draper, it has a very eerie atmosphere and a deep sense of sadness, of loss. What happened we don’t know and it gives this book a tension and keeps you hooked wanting to know what it was, what will happen, how will things be resolved and then there’s a twist! What you have been reading is put into a different perspective and, after an intake of breath, you will understand. This book leaves you with a slightly creepy feeling but mostly with a lingering sense of sadness.


My thanks to Avon Publishing for an eCopy of Magpie by Sophie Draper via NetGalley. All thoughts are my own, I have not received any payment for this review.

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Thanks to Sanjana Cunniah at Avon for the invitation to review Magpie and join the BlogTour. Like to read more? – then take a whirl around this incredible list….


Published: 28 November 2019 by Avon (HarperCollins).

Buy: AmazonSmileUK

Author: I was brought up in Leicester and Scotland. Following an MA in Medieval History at St Andrews University, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and had a busy career in London and then the East Midlands working in international finance. In that time I met my husband and settled in Derby. I then took a career break to have a family. Three gorgeous boys followed and I went back to work part-time whilst caring for my children and developing my interest in writing and storytelling.

I trained as a traditional oral storyteller. I “tell” and perform stories now (under the name Sophie Snell) for all ages – fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends – I sing a little too (not that I’d claim to sing well, but it works with the stories…). It’s a life I adore, entertaining all ages and travelling around to some amazing venues. In 2013, I was nominated for the British Awards for Storytelling Excellence as Outstanding Female Storyteller. You can see my work as a storyteller on my website 

I also write. Writing novels was something I’d hoped to do all my life, but life kind of got in the way. Until the storytelling brought me back to my love of written words as well as spoken. After a few stops and starts, two years ago, I got stuck in to what has now become Cuckoo.

Cuckoo is a gothic psychological thriller. It won me the Bath Novel Award 2017 and also the York Festival of Writing Friday Night Live Award 2017. Cuckoo was published by Avon at Harper Collins on 29th November 2018. It was selected as a Fern Britton Pick in conjunction with Tesco’s, and reached the no1 spot on the Bookseller’s Heatseekers List. Cuckoo is currently available in all the usual high street bookstores, as well as online.

My second book, Magpie, is another psychological thriller, set in Derbyshire. It is being released on 28th November 2019. I am currently working on a third novel.

I live in rural Derbyshire with my husband and growing teenage boys. The house is filled with books, music, steaming piles of sports kit and we have a menagerie of various animals. I enjoy gardening, painting and making jam – can’t really explain that one – perhaps it’s the peace of sitting at the window in the kitchen prepping fruit and admiring the hillside views! I’m part of an amazing writer’s group we call #Doomsbury and meeting up for food and chat is always a pleasure. 

Sophie on Twitter

Sophie Draper: Website

BETWEEN THE STOPS – The view of my life from the top of the Number 12 bus by Sandi Toksvig

This long-awaited memoir from one of Britain’s best-loved celebrities – a writer, broadcaster, activist, comic on stage, screen and radio for nearly forty years, presenter of QI and Great British Bake Off star – is an autobiography with a difference: as only Sandi Toksvig can tell it.

The Book Blurb

‘Between the Stops is a sort of a memoir, my sort. It’s about a bus trip really, because it’s my view from the Number 12 bus (mostly top deck, the seat at the front on the right), a double-decker that plies its way from Dulwich, in South East London, where I was living, to where I sometimes work – at the BBC, in the heart of the capital. It’s not a sensible way to write a memoir at all, probably, but it’s the way things pop into your head as you travel, so it’s my way’.

From London facts including where to find the blue plaque for Una Marson, ‘The first black woman programme maker at the BBC’, to discovering the best Spanish coffee under Southwark’s railway arches; from a brief history of lady gangsters at Elephant and Castle to memories of climbing Mount Sinai and, at the request of a fellow traveller, reading aloud the Ten Commandments; from the story behind Pissarro’s painting of Dulwich Station to performing in Footlights with Emma Thompson; from painful memoires of being sent to Coventry while at a British boarding school to thinking about how Wombells Travelling Circus of 1864 haunts Peckham Rye; from anecdotes about meeting Prince Charles, Monica Lewinsky and Grayson Perry to Bake-Off antics; from stories of a real and lasting friendship with John McCarthy to the importance of family and the daunting navigation of the Zambezi River in her father’s canoe, this Sandi Toksvig-style memoir is, as one would expect and hope, packed full of surprises.

A funny and moving trip through memories, musings and the many delights on the Number 12 route, Between the Stops is also an inspiration to us all to get off our phones, look up and to talk to each other because as Sandi says: ‘some of the greatest trips lie on our own doorstep’.

My thoughts

I lived and worked in London for over twenty years and, whilst my stopping ground was mainly west London, I worked for the BBC for over half those years several of which were spent in The Langham, 33 Cavendish Square and Broadcasting House. I would often travel by tube but loved travelling on the red buses which traverse the Capital and provide such a wonderful service to its citizens. So when I saw Between the Stops by Sandi Toksvig offered on NetGalley it felt like I was being offered an opportunity to enjoy another wonderful bus journey through part of this amazing place.

We hop on the No.12 and join Sandi as she travels from Dulwich towards central London. We are then treated to a eclectic meandering of the body and mind. We are treated to snippets of Sandi’s life, told fascinating facts of London history and hear about some of Sandi’s experiences whilst travelling the No.12 route.

We are sitting with Sandi as she travels, enjoying the view from the top, front, right hand side seat. We walk with her as she hops off the bus to take refreshment along the way and enjoy stories of her life as the memories pop into her mind. As we travel along we learn some wonderful facts about the areas we travel through, some of the people (almost solely men) who have plaques or roads, buildings and areas named after them. We hear about Sandi’s sadnesses – for example, the lack of women’s history being reflected on the journey; her joys – family and friends, her work – from No 73 to Bake Off and QI (Sandi did what so many thought would be impossible by following Stephen Fry and is so right as the host of this show); her politics – ultimately co-founding the WEP; her wider travels and her life.

This is a terrific book. I read it from start to finish but could easily see others reading it a bit at a time. Using it almost like a travel guide – whether whilst actually riding the route or virtually – perhaps even adding to the array of interesting history. Or, even beginning to bring together that missing history of local women. That would be something to see and read about, wouldn’t it?

The book is not only full of information it is full of emotion – I went to see Sandi earlier this year in Nottingham – and felt this was just the way she is. She sees the humour in life but also the difficulties, experienced or shared, and has a thirst for knowledge and justice. I thoroughly enjoyed her show. Her book is as enjoyable. If you get the chance do go and see Sandi’s show ‘The National Trevor Tour. “After a sell-out in Spring 2019 and due to popular demand” (TRCH) it’s touring again in 2020. Most importantly do, of course, read this wonderful book.


With thanks to Little Brown Book Group UK, Virago Press, via NetGalley for an eCopy of Between the Stops by Sandi Toksvig. All thoughts are my own, I have not received any payment for this review.


Publisher: Virago Press (31 October 2019)

Buy: AmazonSmileUK Waterstones

Author: Sandi Toksvig went into theatre as a writer and performer after graduating from Cambridge. Well known for her television and radio work as a presenter, writer and actor, she has written more than twenty books for children and adults. She also writes for theatre and television: her film The Man starred Stephen Fry and Zoe Wanamaker and her play Bully Boy starring Anthony Andrews opened the St James Theatre, London in 2012. She was Chancellor of Portsmouth University from 2012 to 2017. In 2016 Sandi took over as chair on QI, and in 2017 she started presenting The Great British Bake Off. She lives in London and Kent.

Sandi Toksvig on Twitter

Follow the route via Moveit or plan the trip Transport for London (TfL)

Tuesday Mooney Wore Black by Kate Racculia

You are cordially invited to play a game…

Book blurb

Tuesday Mooney loves a puzzle. So when an eccentric billionaire drops dead, leaving behind a fiendish treasure hunt – open to anyone – to his fortune, Tuesday can’t resist.

Although she works best alone, she soon finds herself partnering up with best friend Dex (money manager by day, karaoke-zealot by night) and the mysterious Nathaniel Arches, eldest son of a wealthy family who held a long-running feud with the dead man.

As the clues are solved, excitement across the city reaches fever pitch – but nothing is as it seems, and the puzzle-within-a-puzzle holds something much darker than a vast fortune at its heart…

My thoughts

This is a mystery novel with a lavish sprinkling of humour and spooky-ness thrown in. It’s really enjoyable.

Tuesday Mooney works in a hospital. She researches individuals, rich people, in order to enable the hospital to campaign, set up events targeting them as potential donors. She’s good at it, Tuesday loves a puzzle. That’s why she spends time taking part in quizzes with her ex-colleague and good friend Dev.

It’s at one such event that Vincent Pryce, one of the billionaires attending, drops dead. He was looking towards Tuesday and the man – Nathaniel Arches – she was talking to when it happened. Dev had just been chatting with him and his wife. He thought that Vince and Tuesday would get along so well.

Dev’s a lot of fun and he’s the one that tells Tuesday about the treasure hunt. A rather strange obituary for Vincent has stated that a number of the treasure hunters will find, ‘win’, part of his fortune! Dev knows Tuesday won’t be able to resist the idea of working out the clues.

Then the wealthy Nathaniel Arches, Archie – the man she was talking to at the event, contacts Tuesday to ‘partner’ up so they, along with a young neighbour of Tuesdays, start to solve the clues. And so it begins!

This book has humour, mystery, charm and yet is able to gently address various difficult relationship issues whilst still getting the issue across very well. More than this it is also about healing and building better relationships.

I really liked this book – the characters Tuesday, Dev etc., are very endearing. The plot is fun and yet is very tense in places. It moves along at a really good pace and has that bit of difference that makes the book worth reading. I look forward to reading more about Tuesday, Dev and the others and would recommend this book to anyone.


I received an email from from Rachel Quin at HarperCollins – ‘I wanted to share an exclusive invite to read Tuesday Mooney Wore Black, the witty and riveting UK debut by Kate Racculia‘. Whilst, due to personal reasons, I wasn’t sure when I would be able to put up a post I was thrilled to receive an eBook* for review for which I would like to thank Rachel and HarperCollins.

(* I have also purchased a copy.)


Published by HarperCollins (21 October 2019)

Photography by Christa Neu

Buy: AmazonSmileUK


Kate Racculia is a novelist living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She is the author of the novels This Must Be the Place and Bellweather Rhapsody, winner of the American Library Association’s Alex Award. Her third novel, Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in October 2019.

Kate was a teenage bassoonist in her hometown of Syracuse, and studied illustration, design, Jane Austen, and Canada at the University of Buffalo. She moved to Boston to get her MFA from Emerson College, and stuck around for 11 years. She has been a cartoonist, a planetarium operator, a movie and music reviewer, a coffee jerk, a bookseller, a designer, a finance marketing proposal writer, and a fundraising prospect researcher. She teaches online for Grub Street, works at her local public library, and sings in the oldest Bach choir in America.

The Books

This Must be the Place

Bellweather Rhapsody

Tuesday Mooney Talks to Ghosts / Tuesday Mooney Wore Black


Kate Racculia website

The Essential Guide To Caring For Older People by Deborah Stone

Book Blurb

No one wants to think about getting older. It’s true. At any age, when things are moving along normally day to day and everyone seems fit and well, there seems no reason to think about future problems that your friends and relatives might (and probably will) come across as they age. In fact, it might even seem a little morbid to think such thoughts, or possibly even tempting fate?

Yet there will come a time when you must raise these issues and, ideally, this should be before any problems arise. The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People is the ultimate source of information and help for families with care responsibilities. Deborah Stone draws on her extensive experience working in elder care to offer practical advice on every aspect of the field indepth.

Topics range from how to get help immediately, legal information, care funding options, a guide to useful technology and advice on the main physical and mental health issues that affect older people. Plus guidance is given on dealing with social services and ensuring you choose the right care for your situations. Crucially, the book also offers help on how to cope as a carer with practical advice on juggling family, work and your caring responsibilities while looking after yourself.

My thoughts

There’s lot’s of really good information and help in this book for those looking after older people or, indeed, if you are an older person or approaching that time of life. It signposts where to go to get help and support to make life as easy and fulfilling as possible. Detailing those important things that often get overlooked.

It was good to read about how important it is for family to talk to each other – about the needs of the older person, yes, but also and as importantly about how each of you, the family members now also the careers, feel. This is in order to ensure that everything gets done and that there is no, or very little, resentment over care responsibilities. This is so important as it can have such a long reaching impact.

There are anecdotes which really bring home the authors points in a thoughtful way.

It also takes you along all those steps that you need to know and do when a person dies – and they may not always be an older person for some of this to be relevant – bereavement is considered one of the most stressful experiences in life so this guide is invaluable in letting you know what you need to do.

I can’t concur enough with one premise of this book that it is so important not to leave putting your affairs in order. This is the book that will set you right and enable you to move forward with this and many other elements, needs and issues that you can come across when dealing with the care of older people. From finance to medication, from care at home to care in a home this is such a useful tool for older people, those approaching older life, their family and carers. It is a book every household should read.

It is clear, easy to read and an excellent guide which everyone should have.

Oh! By the way, also reviewing today is Anne so do take a look at her thread.

Blog Tour

Many thanks to Kelly @LoveBooksGroup for the invitation to this absolutely essential Blog Tour for The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People by Deborah Stone. Thanks go to Green Tree publishers and Deborah Stone for an eCopy of this important book.


Publisher: Green Tree (14 Nov. 2019)

Buy: AmazonSmileUK


Deborah Stone read English Literature at Durham University. She lives in North London with her husband, two sons and her dog.

Deborah Stone’s AmazonSmileUK Page

Deborah Stone on Twitter


Mature Thinking

Because you can’t afford to ignore the impact of the ageing population on your business

In the UK, over ten million people are 65+. The over 50’s hold 80% of the wealth and are responsible for 40% of annual consumer spending, yet they currently receive only 10% of marketing focus

Mature Thinking can help you reach this powerful demographic, providing expert knowledge of the older market, combined with superior strategic thinking, to help you develop the best strategic propositions for growth.


MatureThinking website