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When film director Nathalie Thompson is commissioned to make a programme on bioterrorism, a sudden Ebola outbreak takes her on a dangerous detour to Central Africa. Posing as a Western activist and campaigner for the rights of Africans, Nathalie must investigate the involvement of a Zimbabwean terrorist group.

But when a young colleague unearths a suspicious laboratory in eastern Java that may be producing biochemical weapons, Nathalie is immersed in a violent world of corruption and bioterrorism, which is closer to home than she thinks.

My thoughts

In this day and age of being held to ransom by one form of terrorism or another Martin Granger writes very much on topic. Here it’s bioterrorism used, in this instance, to show how the pharmaceutical industry is so badly treating Africa, being allowed to get away with it and the cover up on drugs which should be helping those who are sick but don’t.

In Drugs to Forget we have a new group, not known even in their country of origin, WEXA are even more dangerous because of that – nobody knows them so no one can predict what they will do.

Natalie is a hardened film director, she’s seen it and done it, but even she is shocked at what WEXA is prepared to do and how far they will go to get what they want. Will she be able to prove how dangerous they are?

Her new research assistant, Tom, is sent to check out leads in Java. Wet behind the ears he, with the help of Gita, Nick and Michael uncovers some strange goings-on, manages to get some vital information and terrific footage to boot.

There is a lot of stuff in the book about filming some technical but mainly about processes and, of course, there’s a bit of medical information it may seem a little tedious but by and large it’s interesting and gives context. This is a book about investigative filmmaking after all.

The characters are quite well drawn.  I liked Natalie, although she was all business, there were one or two glimpses of a caring, passionate person but she knows she has to keep her head in the game. Tom tends to be more open as a character. Nick, Geoff and Stephanie make for a good supporting ‘cast’.

This isn’t an action-packed book but it does have some pretty tense scenes in it. You are carried around the globe as various leads are followed and, as the end approaches, it is nicely brought together through Natalie’s insight, Tom’s reasoning and some rather sad events. This book highlights what could happen, does happen it’s realistic and an interesting read.

With thanks to LoveBooksGroupTours for inviting me to read and review Drugs to Forget by Martin Granger and to Red Door Publishing for providing the eARC.

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Publisher:                      RedDoor Publishing Ltd (31 May 2018)    @RedDoorBooks

349831C0-FD05-436C-9B49-5C94C214B758ISBN-10: 191045351Xg

ISBN-13: 978-1910453513

Buy: https://amzn.to/2HCUUIV



Martin Granger: 9666DB47-3B56-4059-8A12-3097F3630180Martin has been making documentary films for thirty years. In that time he has won more than 100 international film awards. His work has ranged from directing BBC’s Horizon to producing a BAFTA nominated science series for Channel 4. His novels, although fiction, are based upon his experience in the film industry. He lives in Wimbledon with his wife Jacqueline.

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