Event: Headline New Voices 2018, Manchester

How wonderful to have a book event in Manchester and better yet an invitation from Headline to attend


An event to celebrate the launch Headlines New Voices 2018. Down in the bowls of Lock 91 we gathered. Writers, publishers, booksellers, bloggers – book folk gathering to talk about books specifically five new books arriving in 2018 – we were were generously given food, drink and five book proofs. On a night many would prefer to be tucked up at home we had gathered not only from Manchester but several had travelled from further afield and, of course, our five writers and publishing team had travelled from London via Edinburgh to Manchester.

The books.


The Feed by Nick Clark Windo – ‘a gripping post-apocalyptic thriller for fans of The Girl with All the Gifts and Station Eleven, that asks: What would you sacrifice to save the world?’ Will be published in hardback and ebook on 25 January 2018. #NEEDTHEFEED


The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton – ‘a frightening depiction of unbridled obsession, where love and pure hatred grapple on a knife edge…. The story of one woman’s terrifying mission to take back what is hers, no matter the cost.’ Will be published in hardback and ebook on 8 March 2018. #LOVEYOUTODEATH


The Wolf by Leo Carew – ‘is a thrilling, savagely visceral, politically nuanced and unexpectedly wry exploration of power and identity – and how far one will go to defend them. The first in his Under the Northern Sky series.’ Will be published in hardback and ebook on 5 April 2018. #UNDERTHENORTHERNSKY


In Our Mad and Furious City by Guy Gunarante – ‘Provocative, raw, poetic yet tender….  A vivid and deeply affecting account of city life, the novel follows three young men on a London council estate over 48 hours when suddenly everything is at stake.’ Will be published in hardback and ebook on 3 May 2018. #MADANDFURIOUS


The Tall Man by Pheobe Locke – ‘Introducing her dark and chilling crime-thriller….. it is an unforgettable blend of spine-tingling chills and paranormal suspense which will leave you checking the corners of your bedroom at night….. addictive blend of dark psychological suspense and spine-tingling chills, …. set to be the thriller of the summer.’ Will be published in hardback and ebook 14 June 2018. #THETALLMAN

The Authors

Here they are: Leo Carew, Nick Clark Windo (back row) and Karen Hamilton, Pheobe Locke and Guy Gunarante (front row).


Their books can be pre-ordered, which is a great thing to do. So if you think that one, or more, or all might be up your reading alley go to your favourite bookseller and give New Voices 2018 a warm welcome.

With thanks to Headline Publishing and their wonderful team for bringing this event out ‘to the sticks’ and for the invite – it was a terrific evening.


Author: lovebooksreadbooks

I love to read and hope you enjoy reading what I have to say about the books I have read.

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