How to start a book club at work infographic – promoting reading as we near World Book Day

World Book Day 5 March (UK) 23 April (UNESCO)

WBD (UK) illustrations by Roy Biddulph

I wrote a post on World Book Day recently and thought it might be interesting and fun to consider something to promote reading for adults as well as children. I was considering what I might include when I was contacted, via my blog, by Sean from Ghergich.

He wrote: “We teamed up with Quill to create an infographic on book clubs at work. We cover each step to plan and create a company book club.” Sean wondered if this might be something I would like to use for my blog.

Well! What timing, I thought. This might be of interest to those who kindly drop by here and it’s in time for my World Book Day blogs.

It seemed like a good idea to give an international flavour to the first few days of March – well it is World Book Day, even if there are different dates! Starting a book club in the workplace is an opportunity for team building and, since reading has been acknowledged as being beneficial for your health, may support well-being at work. It could also fit with the Share A Million Stories campaign for World Book Day 2020.

It’s a lovely infographic which has been made for folk at work in the USA but it covers a number of things to think about for anyone wanting to set up a book club. So whether you’re in the USA, here in the UK or elsewhere in the world, in the workplace or not, you might be a young adult in school or the homemaker of your family, whoever and wherever you are why not take a look and maybe start a book club?

And remember the enjoyment of reading is something to share not only with your book club members but with friends and family including your children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.

Of all the things that we like to do that are different, there are some commonalities that nearly everyone has. For example, we all like to get together and be social — talk about our days and share our experiences, and even just share a cup of coffee (or a drink) and a meal. And many of us also love books. We love to dive into stories, be they fiction or non fiction, and share our thoughts, likes, and dislikes with others. And one of the best ways to combine those two, of course, is a book club.
There are lots of different ways to gather readers together to start a book club, and one that might make the most sense for your schedule is to do so at work. Gathering people who are already spending time together is an easy way to share thoughts and feelings about books. Use this graphic for ideas on how to get started.