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Stephen contacted me a little while ago asking if I would read his latest book Hands Up and review it. He had read my blog and new that I had read books with a similar theme. So he thought it might be of interest. We exchanged a couple of emails. I was delighted to be able to say yes. So Stephen sent me an eCopy of Hands Up and I will be reviewing it here on my blog tomorrow. So do come back to find out what I thought of Hands Up.

Stephen Clark

Stephen is a new author to me and possibly to you so I thought it might be nice to know a little about him.

Stephen Clark is a former award-winning journalist who served as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and as a political editor for the Washington, D.C. bureau of As a reporter for the Utica Observer-Dispatch, he won a New York Newspaper Publishers Association Award of Distinguished Community Service for his investigation into the financial struggles of nonprofit services. He also won a Society of Professional Journalists Award for Investigative Reporting at the Stamford Advocate for his series exposing an elderly grifter’s charity organization. His first book, Citizen Kill, a political thriller, was released by WiDo Publishing™ in the summer of 2017. Stephen grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now lives in North Jersey with his wife and son. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Arcadia University and a master’s degree in journalism from Syracuse University.

Stephen Clark doesn’t appear shy to write about difficult topics. They are topics and situations that are very up to the moment, I suppose that’s the journalist in him. However, they are also things that are, obviously, close to his heart. So here’s what his books are about.

First Book

Here’s the blurb on his first book Citizen Kill

When a devastating explosion kills the new President’s young son, her administration seeks to finally end the war on terror. CIA black-ops agent Justin Raines is among the recruits in a new program that targets for assassination U.S. citizens suspected of radicalizing Muslims.

Haunted by a botched assignment overseas, Justin is determined to redeem himself through the program. But when he is assigned to kill a mysterious Muslim educator that he believes is innocent, he grows disillusioned. Now he must find a way to prove her innocence and derail the program before they both are assassinated.

This explosive political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as Washington stops at nothing to protect the nation from terrorists, while Justin Raines risks everything to protect the nation from Washington.

Latest Book

Now here’s the blurb on Hands Up

Officer Ryan Quinn, a rookie raised in a family of cops, is on the fast track to detective until he shoots an unarmed black male. Now, with his career, reputation and freedom on the line, he embarks on a quest for redemption that forces him to confront his fears and biases and choose between conscience or silence.

Jade Wakefield is an emotionally damaged college student living in one of Philadelphia’s worst neighborhoods. She knows the chances of getting an indictment against the cop who killed her brother are slim. When she learns there’s more to the story than the official police account, Jade is determined, even desperate, to find out what really happened. She plans to get revenge by any means necessary.

Kelly Randolph, who returns to Philadelphia broke and broken after abandoning his family ten years earlier, seeks forgiveness while mourning the death of his son. But after he’s thrust into the spotlight as the face of the protest movement, his disavowed criminal past resurfaces and threatens to derail the family’s pursuit of justice.

Ryan, Jade, and Kelly–three people from different worlds—are on a collision course after the shooting, as their lives interconnect and then spiral into chaos.

Check out Stephen Clark on his website:

Published by Wido Publishing

I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow to read what I thought of Hands Up.

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