TheWolf (The UNDER THE NORTHERN SKY Series, Book 1) by Leo Carew

Hardcover – 5 Apr 2018; Paperback – 20 Sep 2018



A great war has come to the land under the Northern Sky.

Beyond the Black River, among the forests and mountains of the north, lives an ancient race of people. Their lives are measured in centuries, not decades; they revel in wilderness and resilience, and they scorn wealth and comfort.

By contrast, those in the south live in the moment, their lives more fleeting. They crave wealth and power, their ambition is limitless, and their cunning unmatched.

When the armies of the south flood across the Black River, the fragile peace between the two races is shattered. On a lightning-struck battlefield, the two sides will fight – for their people, for their land, for their very survival.

Two sides. One victor.

The Wolf is a thrilling, savagely visceral, politically nuanced and unexpectedly wry exploration of power and identity – and how far one will go to defend them.



As you know I attended the the Headline New Voices 2018 event in Manchester and The Wolf is the third of the five to be published. With thanks to Headline for my copy.

The first in the Northern Sky Series The Wolf is full of battles, intrigue and politics. Two countries, two peoples neither quite understands the other. The mountainous Northern people who feel at one with their land, rarely straying from it’s cold, harsh and unforgiving wilderness.  Roper suddenley thrust into leadership, he was born for this but has it come too soon? He not only has enemies from outside but is threatened by his own, will he be victorious?

Then there are the Southern people ruled by a king who hates and fears the Northerners and whose wife secretly favours and helps the ambitious upstart Bellamus.

This novel follows Roper and Bellamus in their trials and tribulations, their battles and their lives until they meet for a great battle.

This is a book of heroic characters, epic battles and a rattling good read for those who enjoy fantasy’s on a grand scale.

Rating: 4*




Hardcover: 480 pages
Publisher: Wildfire (5 April 2018) (Headline Publishing Group)
ISBN-10: 1472247000
ISBN-13: 978-1472247001

Pre-Order: From your local bookshop or on-line Amazon Waterstones  Headline

Meet the Author: Thursday 12th April 18:30 – 20:00 at Glasgow – Argyle Street

Waterstones Argyle St, Glasgow

Waiting for the next Game of Thrones book? Loving Miles Cameron and John Gwynne, but looking for something new? Leo will be discussing his book with local fantasy favourite Neil Williamson, and signing your books; don’t miss this chance to meet the next fantasy phenomenon!

Author: Leo Carew  90D67FB6-9AA6-4794-945F-346A7E265435

The third of four children, Leo Carew grew up in the centre of London, in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Inspired by audiobooks, he developed a late interest in reading and began trying his hand at writing soon afterwards. It was at this time that he also developed a sneaking suspicion that the city was not for him and spent as much time as possible exploring remote areas. After school, this led to two formative months spent on expedition in the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

Three years followed reading Biological Anthropology at Cambridge University, most of which was spent staring out of the window, dreaming about colder climates. Obligatory time with serious studying done, Leo returned to Svalbard – Old Norse for “The Cold Edge” – where he lived in a tent for a year training and working as an Arctic guide. During this time, he revisited a novel he had begun at the age of 12 and began reassembling it in the considerable space offered by 24hr darkness. A reluctant return to London to train as a doctor and pursue a career as an army medic followed, during which time he completed his first novel, The Wolf.

Leo currently lives in London, writing, studying medicine and breaking off as often as possible for an adventure somewhere cold and wild.

Twitter: @leocarew1



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