Killer Winter by Kay Bigelow



Lieutenant Leah Samuels catches the first homicide case of the new year 2235, and a monster blizzard is obscuring the evidence. The Murder Scene Investigators find only blood and microscopic pieces of flesh and bone of an estimated twenty-plus people. With a winter that will last another six months, she can’t wait until spring to find more evidence in the killing field. Leah resorts to good old-fashioned detecting—and trusting her gut. The motive for the murders is more bizarre than she could have imagined. Finally, when she thought things could get no worse, she learns the woman she loves has betrayed her in devastating ways.

My thoughts

This is a Crime & Mystery / Speculative Fiction book.

I liked the main characters, I liked the premise of the book, I liked that it was set in winter – a very cold winter, I didn’t mind the fact that it was set in the future with various alien races and I really liked the book cover.

It’s an enjoyable read, mostly.  Sadly there are annoying inconsistencies.  Things that could, in my opinion, have easily been omitted, corrected or explained.  In the main, to be fair, I was able to put aside most of them and they did not stop me from finishing the book.  The plot of Leah trying to solve the murder of 20+ people is pretty good and a terrific idea which could have been even better.

Whilst this is not a romance novel part of the thread involves Leah and her wife, Quinn – a female alien, their relationship is perhaps an odd coupling as Quinn seems to ‘sail close to the wind’ regarding the criminal world and is involved with some shady characters, not least her Ex., and she causes Leah problems both with the investigation and on a personal level. However, it is because of Quinn that Leah is able to carry on the investigation when it would seem impossible to continue.

The ending of the book appears to allow for a sequel/series. If that happens, and I think there’s plenty to build on here, then please remember ‘the devils in the detail’.  Despite needing some polish I enjoyed the book and hope that, should you decide to give it a go, you do to.

With thanks to Bold Strokes via NetGalley for this eARC in return for an honest opinion.

Rating: 3*


Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (13 Mar. 2018)

EDITION:        Paperback
ISBN 9781635551778

Print Length: 210 pages

Cover Artist: Melody Pond

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Author:           Kay Bigelow was born in Alabama and three months later began her world travels. She has lived in Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and much of the U.S. Her novels and short stories are often set in the various places she has lived. She has finally settled down (for the time being) in a small town in northern Washington State. Killer Winter is her second book.  Twitter: @kay_bigelow

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