The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

“When Nina’s husband dies, she looses everything. Torn between the past and the future, she must learn what it means to stand on her own.”



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in paperback



Nina’s husband, Finn, dies in a car crash. Nina is devastated at this sudden loss but thinks that having to tell Connor and Declan, their two sons, that their father is dead will be the hardest thing she will ever have to do….

And then Nina’s world really comes crashing down around her. Finn has gone but his business was bankrupt, he had mortgaged their home and stopped paying the school fees. There was £8 million of debt and Nine hadn’t a clue.

Finn had always dealt with their finances, had encouraged her to give up on having a career, discouraged her from getting too close to others because, after all, they were enough for each other – their happy, idyllic family. now it had allcome tumbling down and the one person she needed was dead and, perhaps, even the cause of all this pain.


Nina finds herself without a home, no money, no job, no skills she is in mourning and  floundering. She and the boys are grieving, in shock, devastated, confused, angry and still clinging on to Finn as they knew him, or thought they did. Tiggy, her sister, reaches out. Tiggy is a terrific character in the book. With her support Nina starts to sort her and the boys lives out. There is quite a bit of guilt from Nina and frankly a lot of readers will agree – she had lived in a cocooned world of luxury giving little heed to the realities of life. Perhaps the angst is a bit overdone at times. Nevertheless, Nina needs to pull herself together and build a new life for her, Connor and Declan. Indeed had she really had a happy life with Finn, was it as perfect as she had thought?

This is a well written story of loss, what really matters in life and rebuilding lives from heartbreak and devastation. I would certainly recommend this book.

Rating:  4*


I would like to thank Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for a pre-approved copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Published by: Lake Union Publishing

Published in Paperback: 22 August 2017

ISBN: 9781611099553

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